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INTERVIEW: LoveHateHero – 06/05/06

17 June 2009 No Comment

quotes_open It gets it to where we can get in front of a lot of kids without going somewhere, like finding online about shows, you can find places to stay, just by myspacing some girls or whatever and being like “hey we wanna shower at your place” and that usually works out pretty well. It’s definitely a key component to touring and without it, it’d be really tough.quotes_close


Please state your names and what you do in the band
Pierrick: I’m Pierrick and I sing.
Scott: I’m Scott and I play drums.
Paris: My name’s Paris I play bass and do back up vocals.
Manny: My name’s Manny I play guitar and scream.
Mike: My name’s Mike and I play guitar.

Could you give us a brief history of the band for those who might not be familiar with you guys?
Pierrick: We’ve been a band for like three years. Pretty much, we’re not the same band as we we were when we started. We have all new members. We have two originals, me and Paris and then those guys are all brand new. Well not brand new, but 6 months old. And I don’t know, we’ve just been playing, that’s really all there is to it. We’ve been touring for like a year and a half.
Do you ever get sick of it?
Pierrick: Yeah, but it’s always fun… get mad at each other and stuff.

How did you come up with the name of the band?
Pierrick: Actually we couldn’t agree on anything and then eventually, somebody just spit that out and we were like “fine whatever” it’s so hard to find a band name that’s not already copyrighted or whatever so when we finally came up with that we knew nobody was going to have it so…

You’re almost done with this headlining tour, how has it been?
Pierrick: Well we weren’t supposed to be headlining but we have been and it’s been terrible.
Pierrick: Because… I don’t know, none of the bands, including us have a big draw anyway so the shows have been pretty small. The tour’s been awesome, everyone’s been friendly, we’ve been camping…
Mike: The kids who have come to the shows have been awesome.
Pierrick: Yeah, I don’t know, we have 10, 50 people, whatever, doesn’t matter, we’re having a good time but as far as making any money we’re definitely not making money. We’re not anything like that. [laughs] But we have a good time, we’ve had fun.
Paris: We always have fun, we rock out a lot. [randomly] Poop, I like poop.
Do you like touring in Canada?
Paris: Touring in Canada is our favorite, I love Canada, I love everyone in it, the kids here are awesome, they’re always friendly.
Mike: Tim Hortons.
Paris: Tim Hortons is awesome, we go to Tim Hortons everyday. The McDonalds here is so much better than in the States.
Mike: The ketchup’s better.
Paris: The ketchup’s better… so good.
Scott: All the people in Canada are beautiful.
Mike: Yeah, beautiful girls.
[Paris makes purring noises]

What’s next after this tour?
Pierrick: Recording a new album and writing.
Paris: We’re writing a lot. We have this kid in New York who’s going to be joining the band pretty soon and he plays guitar and he’s really good. He’s basically finishing highschool right now, he’s 17 and he puts like Avenged Sevenfold to shame, he’s so good.
How did it happen?
Scott: We played with a local band that was opening for us on our last tour and we saw him playing, warming up and we approached him after the show and stoled him from his band. [laughs]
Paris: And Scott… for the record he said “stoled”.
Scott: We stoled him.

So you’ve been writing right now? What can you tell us about the new record?
Paris: Uhhh it’s harder but softer, there’s more screaming but more singing, it’s slower but faster. It’s worse but it’s better.
That tells us a lot. [laughs]
Paris: It’s a lot better!
Pierrick: We sort of hate our old album, so we’re writing a record that we really love.
Paris: We recorded everything ourselves on that last album so in the new one, we’re going to have a producer, it’s gonna be awesome.
Is it already set? Do you know who’s going to produce it?
Paris: No we don’t have anyone set yet, but we have some people in mind.
Paris: Like lots of people…
Oh come on!
Paris: Well we’re trying to get the Machine, Machine. He did Boys Night Out’s new album and Armor For Sleep, Everytime I Die. We’re trying to get him.
Mike: He doesn’t know yet.
Paris: He doesn’t know. So if you’re out there and you’re listening, you better look us up.
Why would he be interested?
Paris: Because we’ve grown a lot better and we’ve been writing a lot better.
Pierrick: We’re way awesome than we used to be, with new members…
Pierrick: We’re way more awesomer! We wrote the last album without touring ever so we didn’t know really what we wanted to play. We’ve been touring for a year and a half and now we know what we want to play.

You signed to Ferret Records in 2005, what made you decide to sign with them?
Pierrick: They were just really interested in us. We thought they were so interested compared to other labels that they were just gonna do a lot more for us.
Paris: And everybody there’s awesome. Carl the owner is the coolest guy. Everybody there’s sweet… and they’re sexy, like us.
Pierrick: They’re great looking guys. The owner’s a musician so he knows how musicians should be treated. They’re awesome.

“Just Breathe” was released last year and you’ve been on tour pretty much ever since. How has it been received?

Pierrick: Pretty well I think.
Mike: The fans that are our fans can be really diehard and they love it so touring’s a great thing cause we try to touch as many people as possible.
Paris: Some of our fans will fly, and pay 400$ for a plane ticket to see us and like…
Pierrick: We have fans who have tattoos and stuff.
Paris: And you guys are gonna get a tattoo soon riiight?
Haha suuree. [laughs]

The CD cover has ribs and lungs represented on it and the title is “Just Breathe”, is there any link and what’s the meaning behind it?
Pierrick: Yeah it’s “Just Breathe”…
Paris: It’s actually not lungs, it’s an orchid and it just looks like lungs, we wanted to be kind of subliminal but.. we didn’t really have a lot of time to come up with that.
Pierrick: It got so rushed but we definitely wanted a CD cover art that stood out we wanted people to actually want it.
Mike: We don’t know what it means either.
Scott: But we have had people who have just bought the CD because the CD cover looks cool.
It’s marketing, it works!
Paris: The only beef with the CD cover is our name is like an inch and it was supposed to be like the whole thing… it was rushed.

What’s your favorite track off the album and why?
Paris: There’s a lot of good tracks on the album. Probably “These Fists Are Grenades”.
Scott: That’s Paris. I like “Knees Bled Begging” it has the most diversity to it. It goes from hard, it has soft parts, melodic, good harmonies, screaming, singing and a lot of emotion.
Pierrick: I like all the songs cause they’re all personal to me and I can’t really pick one.
Paris: “Theatre Of Robots” cause it has a girl singing in it.
Mike: Yeah the girl on Juliet… uhh haha the girl on “Theatre” is Juliet Simms, she’s got her own solo stuff coming up pretty soon, you should check it out. It’s gonna be awesome, we’ve heard it.

You’ve mentioned your lyrics and your attachment to it and you said your lyrics are inspired by tragedy and loss. Are your lyrics 100% personal or do you sometimes incorporate fiction in them?
Pierrick: They’re a 100% personal… but they’re not always about loss and tragedy, there’s love songs and songs about emotion and whatever. But they’re all real songs that I wrote when I was going through that.

From your bio, it also says you have “strong work ethics” so, “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll” – true or false for LoveHateHero?
Pierrick: False. We’re drug free, I mean we drink, we smoke cigarettes and stuff but we don’t do any illegal street drugs. Strong work ethics mostly is like, we try to get to the venues on time everyday and we get in touch with all the promoters and make sure they know we’re coming so they don’t get mad at us. We don’t burn any bridges, we try to be professional.
Scott: We don’t come to shows hungover, this is our job, so we treat it like a job.
Paris: But we have so much fun doing it, it’s the funnest job you’ll ever have in your entire life.
Except working for a webzine…
Pierrick: Yeah.
Mike: I also used to work at a place that burnt mattresses. We test-flamed mattresses and that was awesome.
[everyone laughs]
Mike: We’d test the flammability of mattresses to see if they were up to code so I’d set them on fire.

What words do you live by?
Scott: Do unto others as you have done unto you..
Paris: Do unto others…
Pierrick: Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Pretty much.
Paris: Always have fun. Long live rock n’ roll. Eat a lot of McDonalds.

What keeps you going everyday?
Pierrick: Shows, for sure, the kids, the audience, the energy you get from it. No matter what, as soon as we hit the stage, even if there’s five people, we have so much fun and jump around and whatever. You’ll probably see it tonight…
Mike: I’d say that and the Wendy’s dollar menu.
Pierrick: Yeah, yeah.
Mike: I’d probably be dead without it.
Paris: And Tim Horton’s coffee.

So what’s the best part about touring, that?
Pierrick: Yeah, absolutely. Meeting new people, seeing new places.
[interruption by some random guy, talk about writing memorable songs…]
What’s the worst part about touring?
Pierrick: The worst part? Uhh, I dunno, probably just like not getting to shower very often.
Mike: Our van set on fire the other day. We had too many sidekicks, hiptops..
Pierrick: If it’s a long tour, this tour’s pretty short, it’s like a month long but if it’s like 3 months or 4 months, living with the same guys in tiny little quarters, you can get at each other. That’s probably the worst thing. Other than that, it’s a lot of fun.

You come from California, how do you break out of the scene and stand out?
Pierrick: In California? We don’t, we’re not even playing California…
Scott: LA’s not like it used to be, where every night you can play at the Whisky and there would be people there. The scene’s changed a lot. LA is now just pay to play so you need to break out and start touring even if you have to do it on your own without a label and support, just to get your name out there.

Do you find it hard to start touring on your own?
Pierrick: No, it was easy. We just got money together, bought a van and started touring.
That’s just it?
Pierrick: Yeah it’s not very tough. I mean booking, I guess, is the hardest part.
Mike: It’s all about hitting up the small towns where they don’t have shows every day like Moses Lake, Washington. [laughs]
Pierrick: Tiny little towns, you know. Where they don’t get so much music so they appreciate everything they’re getting.
Just like here.
Mike: There’s like 15,000 things going in Los Angeles every night, you gotta get people together to one venue, it’s really hard. But if you go to Moses Lake, Washington, it’s the only going on there so like there’s a thousand kids there, and 16 pizzas. True story.

It seems now with the internet (myspace and purevolume) it’s easier to break out since you can book your own tours and what not, how did that help the band?
Pierrick: In every way. With the internet? I mean…
Scott: It makes our music easily accessible.
Pierrick: It gets it to where we can get in front of a lot of kids without going somewhere, like finding online about shows, you can find places to stay, just by myspacing some girls or whatever and being like “hey we wanna shower at your place” and that usually works out pretty well. It’s definitely a key component to touring and without it, it’d be really tough.
Scott: Mapquest.

What are some of your musical inspirations right now? What are you guys listening to?

Mike: Copeland.
Paris: Dashboard Confessional. I’m not kidding.
Scott: Children Of Bodom, Dragonforce. What else? He Is Legend, Chiodos.
Mike: The Fully Down, Scary Kids Scaring Kids.
Pierrick: We’re open to whatever, we don’t even get to listen to that much music cause we don’t have a radio in our car, our ipods.
Paris: We don’t even have an ipod, we’re the only band in the world that doesn’t have an ipod.
Mike: We don’t have any way of listening to music in our van. We have to talk to each other.
Pierrick: But we’re trying to make the new album, we’re trying to make it as diverse as possible, therefore listening to as much variety of music as we can.

What’s your stance on illegal downloading?
Pierrick: I don’t disagree with it. I mean, my only beef obviously is that like if every kid downloaded our music illegally then our label would definitely not have our record in stores anymore and we wouldn’t be able to tour and stuff. As far as I’m concerned, a band I really like, I buy their CD. ‘Cause I like to have the real CD. If I’m just checking out some songs I’ll just download some songs illegally and whatever.
Mike: If you are going to download, make sure you come to the show and buy a shirt, help us out.
Paris: You gotta see if you like the music. People don’t just go out and buy CDs anymore, they have to know if they like it. So it’s okay if you download the album and if you really like it, you buy it or come to the show, that’s the best thing to do.
Mike: Plus you definitely can’t find out about new bands from the radio anymore, ‘cause it’s all corporate nonsense… uh I don’t know what I’m talking about. [laughs]

Okay, last question. Where do you see yourselves down the road?
Pierrick: Doing the same thing, hopefully with more kids to the shows. Uh yeah we’ll be in New York.
Paris: Yeah down the road, New York.
Pierrick: We plan to tour for a long time, keep making records, building a good fan base and having a good time.
Paris: We’re never gonna quit. We’ve gone through a lot of members but this line-up that we have now, it’s gonna be awesome and the stuff we’re writing is more catchy, it’s better, it’s harder.
Mike: So hopefully we’ll be selling out arenas near you soon. Tour with LoveHateHero, Iron Maiden, 2006!
Paris: LoveHateHero, U2 tour.

So what would be your dream line-up?
Pierrick: Dream show? We never even thought about that.
Mike: Michael Jackson.
Paris: Celine Dion, LoveHateHero.
Mike: You’re out of the band actually, just go. [laughs]
Scott: AFI.
Pierrick: Don’t know.
Paris: We haven’t thought about it yet. I hope that people will dream about playing with us someday.
Be someone else’s dream line-up?
Paris: Exactly.

Thanks to Jerry Graham (Warm Fuzzy Publicity) for setting it up.

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